About Us

Browsr is a real time dating and connection game changer. By using the advanced capability of the GPS feature of your smart device, we are able to connect people who are looking to engage in real time based on proximity. Unlike other online dating apps, Browsr focuses on the here and now rather than connections you have missed. In Browsr, other users will appear instantaneously on your phone as they walk into your proximity in the apps “visible connections”.

This feature will bridge the gap between the virtual and real life dating experience. Why go on an arranged first date when you can meet the person who is right in front of you right now?! Let Browsr be your ice breaker. Once you send a message it must be responded to within 10 minutes or it expires. Here you will be able to either give that message an extension (If someone has to use the little boys or girls room) or redeem an expired message if you were the one on the throne. Hey, flat out… don’t respond and you don’t have to be rude. The message will just go away and eliminate any awkwardness. Also you can turn on your “Home” setting and be undetected in the privacy of your registered home address.

No More Cat Fishing

We are here to put an end to cat fishing and fake profiles. Hey, you look great in your senior picture… Too bad it’s not 1989 anymore. Anyone’s profile can be verified by looking across the room in real time. Eliminate the potential for people to hide behind a filtered facades they created on their social media. Choose to go “Invisible” or flat out block other users and preserve your privacy. Stop collecting meaningless matches and dead end messages.

Let Browsr Be Your Guide

Want to see what’s going on around you tonight? Check out the pin drops on the overview map and see where other Browsr users are gathering. The beauty of this feature is seeing where the party is before you even go out!   We all have that one friend that plans the perfect night out on the town.  Now, that friend’s name is Browsr!

Browsr Refines Dating Apps

We have removed the annoying features of other dating apps and given you all the best right here.  So if you’re out on the town tonight, or want to make matches while you’re bored, we have provided features to accommodate you. You can still sit at work or home and filter profiles left and right and we save all your likes for 5 days. Best of all; see who’s on the treadmill or bar stool right across from you.  For the user, by the user.

Get in the game and engage the world around you!