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You can’t disable a foreign key constraint in Postgres, like you can do in Oracle. This tutorial shows you step by step how to use the PostgreSQL DROP INDEX statement to remove an existing index.

Here’s a quick test case in five steps: Drop the

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to PostgreSQL CHECK constraint to constrain the value of columns in a table based on a Boolean expression.

However, you can remove the foreign key constraint from a column and then re-add it to the column. The following statement creates an index for the first_name column of the actor table:CREATE INDEX idx_actor [PostgreSQL] NOT NULL制約の削除及び追加はALTER TABLE文を使用します。 [書式] #NOT NULL制約の削除 複合プライマリーキー 文字コードの変換 || 文字列連結演算子 ILIKE - 条件検索で大文字小文字を区別させない カラム名などの

We could drop the primary key in a transaction and make a new one, but with 2 billion rows in the distributed Postgres tables, that was still likely to take an hour or two, and we wanted a shorter maintenance window.

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