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What is the Perfect Profile Picture?

Although Browsr is nothing like our competing online dating apps but we do have one thing in common.

“The need for a great profile picture.”

It’s usually the first step in creating an online profile so here are a few tips to identify the perfect profile picture.

Is there even such a thing?

Surprisingly there has been a lot of research that has gone into the various components of a profile picture and the impact that it may have on your audience. There is a fair bit of science behind profile pictures, well if psychology can be considered real science, but that is a debate for another day.

Your profile picture has around 40 milliseconds in which it can make a good impression. Most people draw their conclusions on the image while scrolling the options.

The whole idea of using the Browser app is to help people find each other in real time. This means that the profile picture you need to be approachable and likable along with being attractive. Based on 1000 profile pictures and 65 different features the researchers at the Department of Psychology at University of York were able to find the ones that are the most likable.

If your profile picture has these seven elements, it can make a good impression.

Unobstructed Eyes
Say goodbye to all of your pictures out in the bright sunlight with the in trend sunglasses that you wanted to flaunt. They are the number one cause of a drop in the likability score. Alongside your hair, a glare, or even a shadow can drop the competence and influence that the picture can have.

Defined Jawline
Having a shadow surrounding the jaw can help increase competence, likability, and influence of the individual.

Showing Teeth while smiling
Smiling with a closed mouth can have a slight increase in the likability, and a laughing picture can take it higher yet, but the result is that of lower influence or competence. The best smile for a profile picture one where there is a slight hint of teeth which leads to almost twice the amount of likability as compared to a closed mouth smile.

Dress Formal
For some reason, a guy in a suit is way more attractive than someone in casuals, and the same holds true in the case of girls. Formals have been able to gain higher competence and influence as opposed to casual dressing. Try a darker color for a more dramatic effect.

Picture size
It was found that more people were likely to scroll past a picture that was an extreme closeup or a full-size photo. An image that just included the shoulders or up to the waist was more attractive.

Do the squinch
This is a slight squint, the basic idea behind this is that the wide-eyed look portrays fear, vulnerability, and uncertainty. A slight squint is a sign of confidence and shows that you are more comfortable with yourself. It also increases the value of the picture regarding influence, likability, and competence.

How to take the perfect profile picture?
A great profile picture involves four key elements.

• It should include only the face and nothing more
• It should be asymmetrical; you can use the rule of thirds to create your profile picture
• The source of light in your photo should come from in front of you and not the behind.
• Lastly, it should be at least 600 pixels wide. Although there are many different shapes and sizes that an image can come in an image this size will look good no matter what.

Follow these four easy steps to get the best photo for your profile
Step one: Find the light before you find your background. Those scenic backgrounds that you choose to get the perfect shot will be of no use if you do not have the right lighting. Find an area where the shadow transitions are soft; this can usually be found in areas that have open shade such as near houses or buildings where the light will not directly shine on you. There should be soft light all around you but no shadow on your face or any other part of your body.

Step two: Clear up the background. Now that you have found the perfect spot take a look at what’s around you. Try to be at least 15 to 20 feet away from the closest thing to you. It is best to take the pictures where the background it darker than where you are and where the lighting is as even as possible.

Step three: Strike a pose. Are you using a timer with your camera on the tripod or if you have someone taking the picture for you ensure that you always strike a pose. Get a little creative with the angle that you set the camera and also give your hands something to do. Slight variations in your hands and legs can make a world of difference to how your picture looks.

Step four: Set up the camera. Sure it is easy to switch the camera mode to automatic and point and shoot. But isn’t that what everyone does? Why not stand out from the crowd and play around with your camera settings and get the best possible picture.

The aim of your profile picture is definitely to attract more potential matches but take care that it looks as real as possible as when it comes to browser your admirer likes the way you look right now, and they should be able to recognize you.

Happy snapping…

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